Sker Ritual Unleashes Trailer

Wales Interactive showed off a brand new trailer and details for upcoming co-op survival FPS Sker Ritual. It will come to PCs via Steam this summer, and the team plans on a new-gen launch later in the year. It serves as a spiritual successor of sorts to Maid of Sker. To get the lowdown on that, check out Sam’s 2020 review.

Sker Ritual will feature round-based co-op for 1-4 players. The challenge will scale according to the number of players, so no need to worry if you can’t field a full set of victims. The Quiet Ones have returned, but Sker Island has ensured that they’re no longer the only threats. New elites have appeared with their own set of skills that each want a literal piece out of you.

Sker Ritual Screenshot Villagers
It offers a Resident Evil 4/Payday vibe, almost. I’m okay with that.

In addition to the co-op gameplay, you can customize your character with mask cosmetics that take inspiration from all sorts of horror, from folk to science fiction. You can taunt teammates with voice lines and change dynamic menu scenes with environments from Sker Island. Collect supplies from The Laughing Policeman’s booth at places scattered around the island while avoiding monsters. Snag upgrades for buffs and various steampunk-styled doodads that show up on your weapon. It all feels a little Payday, in a good way. More information will come soon, so keep an eye on the Wales Interactive socials to stay up to date. Their official Sker Ritual Discord recently dropped. It’s probably the easiest way to talk to the team and share your hype!

Wales Interactive’s other products include the aforementioned Maid of Sker, Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Markus?, The Complex, Night Book, and more. Many of their titles are FMV-based games, a style which harkens back to an earlier age of gaming, though you can find action RPGs and wave-based shooters in their library as well.