Horror Story: Hallowseed Splash Art

Horror Story: Hallowseed Gets Early Access Update

Horror Story: Hallowseed, an Early Access title on Steam, received an update today. The update includes a new map, new items, and a massive overhaul of the previous version. It will leave Early Access on October 28, just in time for Halloween.

The revamp of Horror Story: Hallowseed includes remixed levels, better visuals, new “microscares,” and added puzzles. The “microscares” in previous versions of this story-driven psychological horror title included things such as falling portraits and pounding piano keys.

After telling scary stories around the campfire, the protagonist’s two friends suddenly go missing. Alone and trapped in the middle of nowhere, the protagonist makes his way to a large house nearby. To his horror, however, there are otherworldly forces at play. To save his friends, he’ll need to grit his teeth and explore the creepy little farmhouse and its grounds. Something evil and demonic, however, threatens to corrupt him and burn down his entire world.

Horror Story: Hallowseed Graves
Horror Story: Hallowseed includes new and improved visuals and terrors.

Don’t forget to check out the most recent YouTube trailer to see some of the changes in the latest update. You can also follow and Wishlist it on Steam. A special 20% discount will run from today until September 27 to celebrate Horror Story: Hallowseed exiting Early Access.

1C Entertainment, the publisher, has offices throughout Europe. It focuses on game production, distribution, and services for developers. 1C Entertainment releases games on various platforms thanks to its numerous digital and retail partners. They’ve launched over 100 games including King’s Bounty, Ioun Fury, and Ancestors Legacy.

Developer Jeff Winner is a solo game developer, singer, and composer. Known for his renditions of the Epic Metal Skyrim tracks and other game songs, Winner’s works can be found on his YouTube channel. Jeff Winner has worked on Horror Story: Hallowseed since 2016.