Death Of Rose From Creator Of The PC PT Remake Drops New Trailer And August Release Date

After some rocky production progress, it seems the development for Death of Rose is back on track. Indie dev Artur Łączkowski of Bloober Team has joined Feardemic in publishing his new game, and with this announcement comes a new reveal trailer. Inspired by horror movies of the 1980s, the new trailer introduces some interesting details as to what horrors lurk within the game.

Death of Rose follows the probably ill-advised adventure of Scott and Beth. Scott is an urban explorer, and loves to investigate abandoned buildings. While checking out “an abandoned school allegedly known as a place of worship for a deranged cult,” they realize that these rumors were not the urban legends they had assumed. As the trailer shows, there school is still home to someone or something, and Scott must survive the dark halls in order to discover the secrets within.

Death of Rose seems to have a release date for sometime this month. You can check out and wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here. And, to keep up with any updates, you can follow Artur on Twitter by clicking here

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