Fan Project Recreates Kojima’s P.T. Using Source 2 Engine

A VR fan remake of P.T. is not all too uncommon. If memory serves, there have been several recreations of the critically acclaimed demo in VR in the past few years. However, these recreations were stifled by the low tech they were made with. Steam user AmbientDruth has started a mod that seeks to recreate P.T. within Half-Life: Alyx. Although currently incomplete, this mod seems to be the most promising, as it comes following the recent release of the Source 2 engine. 

Made with the VR engine used for Half-Life: Alyx, this version of P.T. is more frightening than even the previous P.T. VR ports. Source 2 has an emphasis on accurate physics. As the video shows, jiggling door handles and sifting through objects makes the experience of getting chased by a vengeful ghost that much more immersive.

For those who are unfamiliar, P.T., which stands for “playable teaser,” was a highly acclaimed demo for what would have been a new Silent Hill. The playable teaser was created by video game director Hideo Kojima in conjunction with film director Guillermo Del Toro, two phenomenal artistic geniuses. Legend has it that in proposing the game, Kojima simply went into the boardroom, drew an “s” at the end of Silent Hill, and then drew a line through it to create a dollar sign. Thus the concept of Silent Hills was born. 

Unfortunately, Silent Hills was canceled, but the impact of P.T. has remained in the hearts of gamers for years since it was removed from the Playstation Store. Dozens of remakes have been created, but this latest recreation is by far the most interesting. With any luck, the possibility of even better running and immersive VR fan remakes is on the horizon. Hopefully, this mod is hopefully the first of many.

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