Deadly Premonition Creator SWERY Game The Good Life Gets A New Life With New Publisher

Game publisher Irregular Corporation announced today that they are partnering with White Owls Inc to release Swery65’s game The Good Life. Announced back in 2017, The Good Life was unable to find a publisher, nor was it able to garner enough support through crowdfunding. But after several years in development limbo, it looks like the game will be releasing after all. 

The Good Life has you in the role of New York photographer Naomi. Arriving in the rural town of Rainy Woods, England, life here seems to be, well, good. But of course, that wouldn’t make for an interesting game, and the people of Rainy Woods have their own secrets. As we see in the trailer, that involves transforming into various animals. 

Part slice-of-life, part mystery, The Good Life is a departure for Swery65’s usual style. He’s best known for Spy Fiction, Dark Dreams Dont Die, and Deadly Premonition. It will be interesting to see what elements of his past works influence this much softer, comfier style of game.

The Good Life will be released in the summer of 2021. For more information, check out their website by clicking here

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