Bite-Sized Comedy Horror Goodbye Gordon Released For Free On Itch.io

Goodbye Gordon is a short and sweet horror/comedy mod for the original Half-Life.  Created by J.C. Wilson of Itch.io, Goodbye Gordon is a mix of Slender and Pac-Man. It was inspired by the very funny Half-Life VR but the AI is Self-Aware streams by WayneRadioTV. It’s only got around five minutes worth of content, but those five minutes are well worth your time.

In Goodbye Gordon you play as Gordon Freeman on his last day on the job at Black Mesa. However, you are being pursued by Dr. Coomer, of whom you owe some money. In fact, you are being pursued by many Dr. Coomers because of a cloning experiment gone wrong, and they will hunt you down like a T-1000 in order to get what is theirs. You must explore the Black Mesa facility and find six PlayCoins™ in order to quell their thirst for blood. 

Goodbye Gordon is a mod, but can be played without owning the Half-Life base game. You can download Goodbye Gordon by following this link. And you can check out all the works by J.C. Wilson on Itch.io by clicking here.

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