CARRION Sequel Teased By Devolver Digital With Hilarious Image

You may recall how Devolver Digital completely stole the show at E3 in 2018, as the publisher treated audiences to a hilarious presentation in which the hideous monster from their game Carrion was shown attacking employees from the company, with hilariously gruesome results.

Fast forward to 2021, and Devolver Digital is now at it again, as they just tweeted a picture of the Carrion monster talking on the phone in a very busy-looking office, with piles of radiative waste boxes stacked in the background. The image in the tweet was accompanied by text saying that Devolver Digital will be announcing four new games at this year’s Summer Game Fest, as well as showing off previously announced titles such as Shadow Warrior 3, Death’s Door, and Phantom Abyss. Since the Carrion monster was used to make the announcement, we’re guessing that one of the new games announced by the publisher will be a sequel to Carrion.

This year’s Summer Game Fest event will begin on June 10, and you will be able to watch all the presentations for free on its official website. Until then, we’re glad the Carrion monster is working so hard at Devolver Digital’s offices, and we look forward to seeing more of the grotesque amorphous creature in the near future.

  • Aj jacinto
    August 28, 2022

    While the sequel to this game is exciting, I have proposed a theory, the carrion is a monster with multiple abilities that deserves a species name, I’ve called the species the bludgeon, while odd as it sounds, the creature is unlike anything ever seen at relith, but with the skeletal remains, this predates any fossil ever known and in the second flashback, it seemed like they came here to take over earth but must’ve gotten trapped in a cave and died out while a bit of biomass remained in water, waiting for something to touch it and assume it’s form. It seems like it’s unkillable, fire will hurt it, along with guns, but maybe ice can contain it, certainly a jar couldn’t hold it and experimenting on some of its remains and the creature finding it and absorbing it, did give us a disadvantage to killing it, leaving it the ultimate weapon against any army, force or higher power unless another super predator were able to kill it, I don’t see how a sequel would make this better but I’m not a developer, im just a horror lover of all sorts.

  • david
    October 21, 2022

    well carrion is the reverse horror game that you’ve play as the monster that eat humans and slither around you like but you can solve puzzles and stuff but idk i’ve played it once ate it is cool

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