QuakeCon at Home Schedule Lets Us Know When We Can Find Out Rad Doom Facts

Do you want a Doom fact? Here’s a Doom fact. Doom is rad. More importantly, QuakeCon at Home is coming up, and we’ll get to see a variety of events starting on August 7th and running until August 9th. If you ever wanted to learn more about some of your favorite Bethesda games, this would be a good chance to do so.

At the current time, there’s several panels planned. In fact, there’s a full schedule you can see in the image below to know what’s when. Any cool ones? Well at 7:30pm EST on August 7th we get a Doom Eternal panel with Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton, and I am certain we’ll get to learn some cool secrets about the game’s development there. If not, maybe we can at 6:30am EST on August 8th, when we get The Secrets of Doom Eternal panel. Don’t want Doom? I question what’s wrong with you, but there’s also plenty of panels devoted to Elder Scrolls, Fallout 76, Dishonored, The Evil Within, and more.

In addition to this, anyone who logs onto the Bethesda Launcher during QuakeCon can get a free copy of, what else, Quake. Should donations reach $10,000, players can also grab a free copy of Quake II as well. Additional, players of Elder Scrolls Online, Doom Eternal, Quake Champions, and Fallout 76 can get some free in-game loot related to QuakeCon. So make sure you log into your favored time sink of choice to grab something.

QuakeCon starts on August 7th, so be sure to tune in for the stuff.

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