The Living Tombstone Presents First Look At AudioClash: Battle of the Bands

One more incredible reveal from today’s IGN Expo earlier today is AudioClash: Battle of the Bands. This free-to-play game is being developed by Big Boat Interactive in conjunction with music producer The Living Tombstone. AudioClash: Battle of the Bands looks to be a mashup many music and game genres. 

AudioClash: Battle of the Bands is described as an autobattler. Your focus is on creating the strongest musical act to face off against others in order to top all the charts. As the website describes, to do this you will:

Build from a roster of eccentric band managers and assemble your band with rock star musicians summoned from across time, space, and alternate realities. Mash up the sonic elements of rock, metal, punk, pop, and EDM by building a song deck representing the flow of music. Play your hand against your opponents and bear witness to the audio clash!

AudioClash: Battle of the Bands is expected to release sometime Q3 of 2021. For more information or to sign up for the game’s beta test, check out their website by clicking here.

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