Paradise Killer Trailer – Kono Stando Da [ P L A S T I C B E A C H ]

All too often, detective games are constrained by reality. Games like Heavy Rain and L.A. Noire takes mystery solving so seriously, and there’s really no need for that. Why solve crimes in a grimy city full of dull scenery? Why not solve crimes in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or Anor Londo? Paradise Killer had the same idea. 

Paradise Killer is a game in which you must solve a murder mystery on the island of Paradise. The twist is that Paradise is a magical island powered by a dead psychic alien god and also everyone looks like a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure character, or their Stand. The character you play as is a resurrected detective spirit named Lady Love Dies, I’m pretty sure, and must investigate the deaths of council members who were going to resurrect the alien god, I’m pretty sure. 

But who needs a coherent premise when you’ve got style. The biggest selling point for me is the incredible setting. The island of Paradise is a mix of 80s Miami and the Black Lodge. With so much marble and palm fronds, screenshots of Paradise Killer could be on your next favorite vaporwave album cover. 

There is no release date for Paradise Killer yet, but it is hoping to drop sometime this summer. To find out more information you can check out the Steam page here, or visit the official website here.

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