The Tetris Killer Sounds Like a Real Killer, But For Now, is Just a New Horror Visual Novel

All I’m saying is that if I opened up the news and saw “The Tetris Killer” strikes again, yeah I’d totally believe that’s a real person. For Now, however, we’re spared from that being the truth. The Tetris Killer is a new horror visual novel from developer Nico Saraintaris. Hopefully no one gets inspired to become a real Tetris Killer after this game.

You play as an investigative journalist that stumbles upon one hell of a case. The police have found five mummified bodies inside of a house, distorted and shaped to look like five different Tetris pieces. When you report on it your story begins to trend on Twitter and becomes a viral sensation. Then you get a mysterious message, and we all know where those mysterious messages end up. Usually with you dead and shaped like a Tetris block.

That’s a rather horrifying concept for a killer, and you’ll have to make some choices to see if you can avoid the same fate while also solving the case. It’s a concept that managed to immediately disturb me anyway, but this is probably because the idea of having bones bent and broke in such a fashion always managed to make me super queasy.

If The Tetris Killer sounds like your jam, you can nab the game for free on Itch.io here. You can also go to the Steam page of Nico Saraintaris’ upcoming project Misshapen and add that to your wishlist.

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