NIOH 2 Launching March 13, 2020, Open Beta Starts Tomorrow!

In the wide world of ARPGs that are somewhat reminiscent of Dark Souls, the original Nioh stood out. It’s one of the few genuine challengers to the throne. While it lacked variety between weapons (a sword was a sword no matter the stats), the number of options and styles available to each weapon class made up for it. It was brutally challenging to master, but once you got the flow down of switching stances and timing your KI Pulse it was an experience unlike any other. The game is also bonkers long, so if you get a start now you just might beat it by the time Nioh 2 drops on March 13th, 2020.

As the trailer above shows, fans that have been waiting for a release date for the sequel finally have their answer. Nioh 2 was a big part of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and ever since I’ve been waiting patiently for more details. The previous trailers were mostly cinematic, so if you wanted to see gameplay you’d have to wade through the lengthy Japanese presentation. With the new trailer, we finally see some quick, action-oriented gameplay.

Nioh 2

But hey, you won’t have to wait until March to give it a shot. Starting tomorrow, the Nioh 2 beta is coming to PS4.

So if you want to check out the game (which of course you do), you can head on over to the PlayStation Store tomorrow and download the Nioh 2 open beta. It’s a limited time deal though, and will be closing on November 10th. So what are you waiting for? Go unleash your inner demons!

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