Plagues Are Your Weapon In Bloodborne Style RPG Thymesia

Debuting their first trailer today at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, Team17 announced their upcoming title, Thymesia. An action RPG channeling the Souls games’ combat, Thymesia all but emulates Bloodborne and its grim, gothic style. But hey, they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

In Thymesia, you play as a plague doctor-looking person named Corvus. Caught in a strange kingdom whose experiments in alchemy have mutated and killed its people, the “key to understanding all of this is in Corvis’ hands.” Figuratively and literally; this character is somehow able to absorb the power of these diseases, ripping them out of bosses using them as weapons and abilities. 

As we see in the trailer, you’ll have access to a number of abilities and builds. Whether it be throwing ethereal javelins or reaping with a gigantic scythe, Thymesia will let you build your character in a way that works for you. Provided, of course, you are able to overcome hardcore, grueling fights.

Thymesia is set to release sometime in 2021. For more information, check out their Steam page by clicking here

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