Haunted Space Combines Sci-Fi Horror and Spaceship Combat

Most sci-fi horror games have you on a space station. Haunted Space instead has you piloting a starship.

The change is certainly interesting, and it makes Haunted Space stand out in a rather unique way. Announced today at the Future Game Show, you play as a Raider that works for the Human Empire. However, humans aren’t the only thing flying around in space. Various aliens also exist, and the two don’t quite seem to get along. Now everyone is fighting over a material called sonic matter, which is described as the most important matter in the universe. Many will die for it.

While this may remind some people of Dead Space, it seems to be a lot closer to the upcoming Chorus. You never leave your spaceship, instead flying around and gunning down targets in fast-paced dogfights and massive boss battles. The whole game manages to capture an eldritch horror style without actually losing focus on the spaceships. Think Colony Wars (does anyone remember Colony Wars?) but with better graphics.

If Haunted Space sounds like your jam, the game is set to release this year for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. You can add it to your wishlist here.

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