Children of Silentown Coming to PC, Consoles Early 2022

If you’re intrigued by a beautiful 2D-world featuring hand-drawn characters and backgrounds, look no further than Children of Silentown. The title hits Steam in 2022, and even has a free prologue for you to try out now. Be sure to Wishlist and follow the page to get the latest news.

Lucy lives in fear of the nearby forest. She can’t sleep at night as she hears the eerie, echoing roars in the distance. People go missing, and that’s a fact of life. This time, though, Lucy is finally old enough to investigate for herself. At least, she thinks so, anyway. Many of the puzzles involve music, and Lucy learning to sing might be the thing that saves her life. Besides investigating, she’ll be able to meet and interact with a large cast of people (and animals) to help and hinder her progress. She can even play games with the other children and dodge a mean-spirited cat.

Children of Silentown Screenshot
The design lands squarely in what can only be described as “creepy cute.” Like fun Halloween decorations.

Founded in 2014, Elf Games strives to develop incredible visual experiences. Its debut game, Little Briar Rose, won the “Italian Video Games Award” for best design. The studio works to create games with a focus on atmosphere and captivating audiences with their visual designs. The team brought on Francesca Presentini (Fraffrog) and Riccardo Accattatis from Luna2, an animation studio. Presentini and Accattatis created the concept and art style for Children of Silentown and turned it into a short. Through collaboration, the two studios have cooperated to bring Children of Silentown to life as a video game.

Daedalic Entertainment, the publisher, works across all platforms. Their titles include RPGs, adventures, strategy games, and multiplayer experiences. The Hamburg-based developer and publisher is one of the most acclaimed in Europe. One of their most recent projects is the AAA title The Lord of the Rings – Gollum.