Get 3 Indie Horror Games For Just $3 With The Peekaboo Collection

I’ve been spending a lot more time checking out the indie side of the internet for obvious reasons. There’s some really great stuff out there for basically no money. You don’t have to drop $60 to get a tight horror experience. Case in point, the Peekaboo Collection. Three games for just three bucks, all with something that will make your skin crawl.

The Peekaboo Collection comes with three titles: Theater Unrest, Balavour, and Solumcess. The games are short (what do you expect, it’s $3 and made by two people), but I was genuinely surprised by how many spooks they packed into each story. What’s more, each of the games is a different kind of scary. Theater Unrest is more your Layers of Fear style visual distortion and jumpscares game. Balavour is more of body horror. And Solumcess… it’s like Silvio mixed with Silent Hill? That one’s more psychological.

So for just three items off the dollar menu, you get three distinct styles of horror. And as a bonus, you get to support an indie dev. Vidas Games has actually made like… a dozen budget horror games at this point. So give them all a shot if you’ve got some time and a stomach for low-budget horror. You can find Peekaboo Collection on Steam by clicking here.

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