AO-Rated Mass-Killing Simulator Hatred Shockingly Coming To Switch

Okay, I’ve made a few jokes about how every game from before 2017 is now getting a Switch release. But I never actually thought that Hatred would get one. Released back in 2015, Hatred is one of the few games ever to receive an AO rating for violence. If you aren’t aware, the AO rating (Adults Only) is an 18+ classification generally reserved for porn. Most stores will not carry AO games, and most consoles won’t feature them. The only other game I can think of to receive an AO rating was Manhunt 2. No, Thrill Kill doesn’t count, that never came out.

Hatred is a game where you play as a mass-shooter. That’s really it. There’s no plot beyond the fact that Mr. Hateman hates mankind. He takes a bunch of guns, and just starts shooting. The game isn’t very good. It’s a basic top-down shooter with some gruesome kills. That’s about it. I’m not one to take part in any kind of moral outrage. What pissed me off about Hatred was that I often couldn’t see where enemies were shooting me from off-screen. It’s not a terribly great experience. But it is a unique one.

Most would assume that any version of Hatred that lives on the same platform as Animal Crossing and Super Mario would need to undergo some serious edits. But if the trailer above is to be believed, it will be coming to the Switch in all its AO glory. Take that with a grain of salt, because it does come from the channel “Dante Nintendo Switch World,” so it might just be a fan-thing. Still, there’s nothing they could really take out that would make it any less murder-y. So now you can go from collecting stuff for the museum to murdering innocent bystanders with a flamethrower in just the push of a few buttons. Fucking wild. This really is the end-times.

There’s no current date or price point for Hatred on the Switch. But if you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can grab it now on Steam for just $6.

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