New Trailer Released For Total War: WARHAMMER II DLC The Twisted & The Twilight

The war of Total War: WARHAMMER II is about two get even more total. A new trailer dropped today for Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Twisted & The Twilight, the upcoming DLC. Fans have long awaited an update for the elves, a faction favorite from the first Total War: WARHAMMER. The content will add two new factions led by two legendary lords, two legendary heroes, and much more. 

The first legendary lords to be added in The Twisted & The Twilight are the Sisters of Twilight. “Once a single being, divided into siblings by The Weave, Naestra and Arahan are two sides of the same coin.” The Sisters have access to a number of new units and features, and can even recruit the Queen of Athel Loren as a hero. They also will be able to have a master smith forge new unique items to help with their campaign.

The Skaven will have a new legendary lord as well in The Twisted & The Twilight. Throt the Unclean is among the most powerful Skaven, some kind of necromancer alchemist who mutated his body into something new entirely (at the cost of never-ending ravenous hunger). Throt can access The Flesh Laboratory, channeling his knowledge into his own troops, mutating them past recognition as well. The Skaven will have access to many new mutant rat units and a new hero. 

Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Twisted & The Twilight will be available on December 3rd. You can wishlist the DLC on Steam by clicking here.

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