Little Hope Trailer Expands On Terrifying World of The Dark Pictures Anthology

I’m actually kind of sad I didn’t like The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. I know that’s a confusing way to start an article, but it’s true. I loved Supermassive Game’s previous horror narrative adventure Until Dawn. And I also really loved the narrator in Man of Medan. The game had jaw-dropping visuals, great scares, a solid premise… but I’d be lying if I said that some of the bullshit deaths, counter-intuitive win conditions, and ending “twist” didn’t sour the whole experience for me. Still, I was very eager to see what came next for this bold new The Dark Pictures Anthology series.

With the newly released trailer for The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, we now get the chance to take our first look into this tale of terror. Set in the eponymous town of Little Hope, this small town has a dark history. It seems that a couple of hundred years ago, Little Hope had a literal witch-hunt. Now we all know that the Salem witch trials were all bullshit. But perhaps something darker lies at the heart of the Little Hope affair? Were members of the town actually consorting with dark forces? Or were the hunters themselves under the sway of a malevolent presence? It’s up to a group of college students and their professor to uncover these secrets before the dark presence of Little Hope devours them.

From what we see of The Dark Pictures: Little Hope in the trailer, it seems the story is taking a departure from some of the established canon of Man of Medan. I don’t want to spoil anything about it, so I’ll just say that the monster in this one looks far more dangerous. I’m really digging the occult vibe. With the series originally pitched to include 8 installments, let’s just hope that every chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology proves to be wildly different.

While there’s no set release date yet for The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, it will be coming this summer to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you want to get caught up, you can grab Man of Medan now for $30 on Steam.

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