WORLD WAR Z Adds Free Horde Mode Update

If there was one thing that Saber Interactive’s World War Z game got right, it was the zombie hordes. Wave after wave would pour in like a tsunami. Zombies would fall from buildings and keep running, then pile on top of each other to reach your vantage points. It was deeply satisfying to chuck a grenade into a thick zombie-column and watch them all come tumbling down. It was one of the few games where higher difficulties felt genuinely rewarding, as their increased numbers made odds to almost insurmountable. If you didn’t work together, you would die. Managing your explosives and deployable weapons was essential. Every time you survived an objective felt like a triumph. This is why it was so weird that World War Z ironically didn’t have a Horde Mode to showcase those lovely zombie hordes.

Luckily, Saber Interactive is remedying this oversight with World War Z‘s newest update. As part of their Season 2 updates, Horde Mode Z will pit players against increasingly powerful waves of zombies. Between rounds, players will set up defenses and hunt for resources in preparation for the next wave. It’s a simple formula, but it works. Making horde modes fun isn’t rocket science. More zombies, bigger guns, eventually everyone dies. Done. Next thing I know, another month of my life is gone.

Just do this over and over again until my brains fall out

The update also comes with the introduction of a new zombie type: the Bomber. This zombie has bombs on it. If it gets to you, it goes boom. If you shoot the bombs, it also goes boom. Players can also shoot off its legs and then disarm it for extra explosive ammo. Given the frantic nature of World War Z‘s combat, I’m interested to see how the Boomer will fit in. I can personally see myself targeting them first to try and break a wave before it can even get to us. Or maybe right before it gets to a guy that took the crossbow I wanted. Only time will tell.

Okay, Bomber…

World War Z is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The PC version is only available on the Epic Games Store. The trailer also came with news of new paid DLC, which consists of skins for your weapons. However, I don’t care about skins. So, that’s that.

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