New Outriders Broadcast Shows New Gameplay Features And New Enemy Creatures

Outriders has released their latest gameplay broadcast. The video introduces us to a number of previously unknown features and lore, most notably the monstrous creatures that inhabit the planet of Enoch. We had known about the enemy human factions, but fighting hordes of animalistic beasts is a new revelation. The narrator implies that these monsters have become all the more powerful in the wake of the mysterious “Anomaly.”

For those who are unaware, Outriders follows the somewhat ill-fated attempt by humans to colonize the planet of Enoch. After a devastating energy storm now known as the Anomaly, the settlers have been scattered, forming enemy factions and fighting for supplies. However, the Anomaly also granted the humans (and local fauna) superpowers, adding a new layer to the already dire conflict. For a deeper look at the premise of Outriders, you can read our previous article here

Among other features is the “dynamic difficulty” system. Much like the HUD, Outrider allows you to customize your difficulty. Similar to Diablo 3, there are at least 15 different difficulty tiers, which have harder enemies but also better drops and grant more experience. On top of that, you can wield weapons and armor above your level at higher difficulties. However, when you die, you may lose a bit of your world tier bar, and if it goes to zero, you go back a tier. To keep a higher difficulty you need to prove you can handle it. 

For more videos about Outriders, you can check out their Youtube page here. And for more information, you can check out their website here.

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