New Playstation Talents VR Game Do Not Open Channels Alfred Hitchcock Film Lifeboat In A Psychological Horror Experience

Playstation Talents unveiled a new upcoming VR project, Do Not Open. Created by Spanish studio Quasar Dynamics, who previously has specialized in developing AR apps, Do Not Open takes place “within the confines of a room that will bring the player’s mental and physical condition to the limit.” Upon awakening in their house, the protagonist realizes that something is off, and soon begins experiencing terrifying paranormal events.

There is not much other information about the story of Do Not Open, but the trailer gives a few hints at what to expect. At the 0:17 mark, we see a book on occultism and creatures of the sea, accompanied by a photo of a lighthouse. We could extrapolate that this is a clue as to the nature of this haunting. There is also a shotgun hanging on the wall, which might mean there is some combat or survival element that will be at play. Beyond that, the premise is a mystery.

While some may be put off by a game that apparently takes place all within one room, this development choice that Quasar has made could actually be very innovative. Do Not Open is a psychological horror game, and one powerful method of creating psychological horror is creative use of space. Having the room change while your back is turned, seeing movement out of the corner of your eye, or even the incorporation of impossible space (i.e. the Tardis is bigger on the inside) would be all the more unsettling through the perspective of VR. 

Do Not Open has no official release date, and seems to have very little online presence right now. More information will be posted when available. For now, the only place you can find out more about Do Not Open is the Quasar Dynamics website, which is in Spanish.

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