No Place For Bravery Is An ARPG Filled With Dead Gods And Questionable Parenting

I’m an absolute glutton for Souls-likes. And apparently, so is everyone else. Which is why companies keep making them. It seems there’s another new Souls-like coming out every other week. I’d be in heaven if I had infinite time. Given how long and punishing these games can be, it’s difficult to give them all a fair shake. But not 2 seconds into the trailer for No Place for Bravery, I knew this was a game I positively had to play. From developer Glitch Factory, No Place for Bravery is absolutely my favorite from the entire week of showcases.

No Place for Bravery nestles itself in a world of dead gods and rampant violence. You play as Thorn, a veteran warrior on a journey to save his lost daughter. The narrative focuses on the role of parental figures, and the moral choices you make will shape not only the world but your daughter’s outlook on life. While there isn’t a lot of concrete details on the story, the visuals give us plenty of clues. Towering giants loom in the distance, and cities are built into the rib cages of the fallen titans. Blood soaked battlefields are a common site, as stoic warriors engage in perpetual battle. Also, some platforming. Because it’s a video game. A sexy, soulful video game.

As for the gameplay, No Place for Bravery uses the standard ARPG system. Block, dodge, swing your sword, and try not to die. The Steam page calls it “Sekiro-esque,” which sure is a clever way to say Souls-like. From what we see in the trailer, it appears to be very frantic and brutal. No idea yet what kind of checkpoint system the game will use, or how much HP your character has. I am secretly hoping for a one-hit kill system. We also see a slew of colorful characters around a campfire that appear to be friendly NPCs. So chances are you won’t be murdering everyone you see… just most of them.

While there’s no official release date yet, No Place for Bravery is scheduled to launch sometime in 2021. The website states the game is planning to be released on both PC and Switch. If you want to learn more, you can click here for No Place for Bravery‘s Steam store page.

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