Mobile Soulslike Pascal’s Wager Adds DLC That Shockingly Isn’t A Microtransaction

I’m not really sure how the name fits into the game. If I recall correctly, Pascal’s Wager is simply that if God doesn’t exist, then there is no consequence for believing in it, whereas if they do exist, there is the consequence of going to Hell, so the better bet is to believe regardless. But that’s not important because this is not a game about Christian philosophy. Pascal’s Wager is a cool Soulslike game on mobile, and with a new DLC on the way, soon it’s going to get a lot bigger.

Pascal’s Wager: Tides of Oblivion is set in a dark Gothic fantasy world. In this latest content, you will play as Jerold, a skilled swordsman armed with a fine rapier. With a new set of gameplay mechanics and skills, Jerold’s fencing style will be put to good use in this new DLC. Not much is revealed in this new trailer, at least nothing we can make sense of. Only that Tides of Oblivion takes place in some kind of nautical setting.

Pascal’s Wager is actually pretty good for a mobile Soulslike. You can play it on iOS or Android. Pascal’s Wager: Tides of Oblivion should be arriving sometime this summer.

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