Salt and Sacrifice Update Brings in New Items, Content

Salt and Sacrifice, the sequel to action platformer Salt and Sanctuary, released a free update earlier this week. The “Shunned Namekeeper” update adds new NPCs, weapons, armor, and various accoutrements. Salt and Sacrifice launched on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles earlier this year. A launch trailer on the Ska Studios YouTube channel accompanied the launch.

Players can return to Altarstone Kingdom and collect a bevy of loot. Pick from ten new weapons, five new armor sets, and various other items. You can also travel to Ashbourne Village to visit a Shunned Namekeeper. This mysterious merchant offers mysterious rewards for those willing to defeat Nameless Mages. Rise to infamy among the Marked Inquisitors and access the Kingsguard’s Stash, a collection of the kingdom’s most valuable treasures.

Salt and Sacrifice Screenshot Shunned Namekeeper
The new Shunned Namekeeper vendor will help you grow stronger if you’re seeking power to destroy the Nameless Mages.

The Tattooed Egg allows Inquisitors to duel co-op partners. The Howling Hourglass resets the location of an area’s roaming Mages, and The Bowl of Fleeting Knowledge reveals those same Mages. There are over 50 new items altogether, so get to exploring! The update is free for all owners of the base game, so you can hop right into bullying a bunch of wizard nerds. If you’d like to check out the vibes, you can read our review here.

James Silva founded Ska Studios in 2007. His hobby project, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, had recently received a publishing contract on the Xbox Live Arcade. Since then, Silva has created numerous other creations, including the Salt and Sanctuary series. Shane Lynch forms the other half of the studio, a former Senior Xbox Platform developer with experience with the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. After seeing an early prototype of Salt and Sacrifice, he proposed adding multiplayer, and the two have collaborated since under Devoured Studios.