Yuoni brings Sunset Cat-and-Mouse Horror this August

While horror tends to prefer a nighttime vibe, there’s something to be said about the contrast between horror and brightness. Yuoni plays with the potential horror of that orange-stained time between day and night. While the light of day typically means safety, the sunset indicates the coming of night, darkness, and death.

Take control of Ai, a Japanese grade school student in 1990s Japan. As a child, Ai cannot hope to adequately defend herself against the malevolent spirits following her. She has three options: run, hide, or die. The first-person adventure will feature long school hallways lit by the setting sun and dark corridors with flickering lights. It will tell a story of friendship, betrayal, and darkness. Each spirit will have its own weakness, whether it’s holding your breath, running, or hiding. Once you complete the game, you can access a second path with more challenging foes and a greater reward.

Ai will also content with other horrors, like the bathroom floor, while running for her life. But what’s that lurking in the background?

Superficially, it bears some resemblance to Slender and its ilk with its first-person perspective. The cat-and-mouse gameplay, however, calls to mind different survival horror titles such as Alien: Isolation, Clock Tower, Haunting Ground, and Remothered: Tormented Fathers. Since Yuoni comes out August 19, fans of those series may want to give it a shot. It will be available on the PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, with an Xbox release to follow.

With Yuoni coming out in just over a week, be sure to check out the trailer. You can also Wishlist it on Steam and follow it to get the latest on Steam’s Yuoni news. Chorus Worldwide previously published Coffee Talk as well as Star Hunter DX. Yuoni marks Tricore Inc.’s first release.