Psychological Horror Game Infliction: Extended Cut Coming To The Nintendo Switch In July

Blowfish Studios announced today that Infliction: Extended Cut will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Developed by Caustic Reality, Infliction is a classic haunted house simulator. The extended cut of Infliction adds a significant amount of new content. This includes a new game plus mode, which has increased difficulty and additional puzzles to solve.

It’s a game where you explore the home of a man whose wife is apparently a Grudge. You must survive the ghostly apparition of your wife by hiding and repelling her using a camera flash. The more you explore the home, the more you uncover about the dark tragedy that preceded the events you are experiencing.

One of the defining features of Infliction was its extreme graphical detail. Right now it is unknown as to whether the Switch version will be able to handle the same detail, or if they will be giving it a graphical downgrade. Nevertheless, Infliction is sufficiently horrifying regardless of the graphics, and if you like this style of haunted house simulator, you’ll probably like it while playing on the go.

Infliction will be coming to the Switch on July 2nd, 2020. You can read our full review for Infliction: Extended Cut by clicking here. And for more information about Infliction, check out Caustic Reality’s website here.

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