Dead by Daylight and BTS Teaming Up for New Killer

The latest update for Dead by Daylight is on the way, and the new killer and survivor are a K-pop star and producer respectively. Also, BTS was involved.

That’s not a joke. The new killer, whose real name is Ji-Woo Hak but will be known as The Trickster, is a K-pop star who left his former boy band, NO SPIN, to die and then began to murder people and sneak their cries for help into his songs. The Trickster will be a new ranged killer and can throw knives to whittle survivor’s health away. He also comes with unique skills that let him block exit switches, windows, and instantly kill survivors while he’s carrying another survivor.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this killer is who Behavior Interactive worked with. K-pop singer Kevin Woo and BTS producer DJ Swivel to make sure they get all the cultural parts of K-pop correct. While neither the killer nor the survivor is based on any real person, it’s really interesting to see them come to help make him as accurate as possible.

Don’t like killing? Worry not, as there’s a new survivor as well. The Trickster’s producer, Yun-Jin Lee, will be the new survivor. Interestingly, she’s tied into the killer’s story quite closely, and is probably one of the only survivors who knew the killer before they became, well… the killer. Like other survivors, she’ll come with her own special skills. Yun-Jin can remove her scratch marks if other survivors get hurt, speed up the generator if other survivors get hooked, and gets a speed boost if she uses a pallet to stun the killer.

While there’s no word on when the new characters will hit Dead by Daylight for everyone, you can play them on the PC version’s test server right now.

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