Ultra-Indie Daily Dose: They Fear Light In They Fear Light

Welcome back for your Daily Dose! Today we have They Fear Light by developer Bazyleeshek. The latest of their collection of similar in-browser games, this title is a delightfully stressful bite of western themed horror. They Fear Light seems to be the most terrifying of the bunch. 

In They Fear Light, you play as a cowboy-ish character stranded outside at night. Your cart is busted, and you’ve got very little ammo in your gun and battery in your flashlight (did they have flashlights in the old west?). With strange creatures scurrying about, you have to shine the flashlight in their face to scare them away. Though they don’t always get scared…

They Fear Light utilizes some interesting gameplay mechanics. Your goal is to get from lantern to lantern, as these are the safe zones. Since you can’t reload your gun, each lantern you reach will allow you to reroll your weapon. Throw the dice and you might end up with a flamethrower (did they have flamethrowers in the old west) or you might end up with a pistol with two bullets.

This randomization element in They Fear Light makes the game much more interesting than your average in-browser horror shooter. Try it for yourself on itch.io by clicking here.