Justin Counts Down To Halloween Day Sixteen: School Time Secrets

We are getting close to Halloween! One week today, and that special day will be here! Today’s game plays off Fatal Frame and Siren, primarily by bringing its Japanese setting to the forefront and focusing on vengeful spirits. Today’s game is especially for those who like RPG Maker horror…

Corpse Party!

Corpse Party is another weird one that really sticks with you. It follows a group of students accidentally performing a ritual that starts off innocent, having found a charm to do online to keep a group of friends together. But instead, it sends the students to an alternate dimension. Think the Silent Hill school section but a lot scarier. At the same time, the main goal is to escape; along the way, they set out to find out what happened to people who came before them to this version of their school.

Something that sets Corpse Party apart is while some of the games I have talked about so far have been decision driven. Here,  it drastically affects the outcome of the game. People will live or die depending on your decisions in the game, and there are some difficult choices to make here. The story is brutal, gut-wrenching, and heavy without giving away too much. If there was going to be a game that needed some trigger warning while reading these, it would be this one. 

Gameplay-wise, it plays a lot like other RPG Maker horror. You control your character by navigating the environment and deadly puzzles from a top-down perspective. The difference is that a lot of Corpse Party is dialogue boxes and choices playing almost more like a visual novel than anything else. That means there is more of a focus on the story, which is done well.

A few versions of Corpse Party are available on Steam, but I recommend the newest one just for its additional content. There are also a few sequels I have not touched, primarily because, from what I understand, they lean more into the fan service side of things which I’m not yucking anyone’s yum but is just not my thing. Either way, give Corpse Party a shot. It’s a great game that deserves your time.

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