Sony Announces Abandoned, an Open World Horror Game

Today Sony announced that they were published Abandoned, a new horror game by a Norwegian indie studio.

The trailer doesn’t give away that much about the game. We get to see some shots of the wilderness and a narration that implies that the woods belonged to a cult at some point. It’s possible the cult is hunting the player, but we don’t get to see any of them. After the title drop and a vague release date of “Q4 2021” we do get to see the player walking with a gun out before the promise of a gameplay reveal “soon.”

Sony also put up a blog post about the game to give a little more detail. We know that Abandoned will be a first person survival shooter set in an open world and with a focus on realistic survival elements. You’ll play as Jason Longfeld, a man who was kidnapped and dropped off inside of a mysterious forest. The developers are promising more slow-paced gameplay and tactical combat that matters. Additionally, they plan to use unique features like the adaptive triggers and DualSense to immerse players in the game.

While there’s not much else on the game, Abandoned is set to release exclusively on PlayStation 5 before the year is out.

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