Weird West Is A Game In The West That is Weird

Weird West may very well be the wildest wild west game. Developed by WolfEye Studios, co-creators of Dishonored and Prey, this latest take is an unusual style for a western, but certainly a welcome one. 

In Weird West, you play as one of several different heroes, each with a different journey and story. The setting is a mix of dark fantasy and the wild west, similar to Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. The trailer shows gunslingers and bandits, but also werewolves, ogres, and maybe an ork. Combining cowboys and eldritch horrors is certainly something that’s piqued my interest.

While dark fantasy horror in the wild west is certainly a novel idea, the Weird West trailer unfortunately does not give us much to go on right now. The Steam page suggests that the game will be an action RPG. Combined with the screenshots, we can assume it might be an isometric twin stick shooter or perhaps a more strategic game similar to Desperados III.

To wishlist the game or to find out more, you can check out the Weird West Steam page here. And you can check out the website for WolfEye Studios here

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