Hard West 2 Just Blew Into Town

If the West has been insufficiently Wild for you lately, worry no longer, pardner. Hard West 2 just launched today on Steam and Good Old Games with a little discount until August 11. Combat the living living and living dead out on the American frontier. Don’t forget the trailer, of course.

Con man Gin Carter raids a legendary “ghost train” for gold, but discovers that it’s haunted by the Devil himself! Gin must now round up a posse of supernatural and extraordinary outlaws to save his soul. Compared to its predecessor, Hard West 2 upped the ante on its gameplay. There are new ways to tear things up and turn the tide of battle with your posse’s configuration, skills, and their traits. Every kill builds up Bravado and refills Action Points, letting you generate momentum and crush your enemies. Good planning and positioning can even shut down an enemy before they even have a chance to act. Be creative, be dastardly, and be on your A-game! Whether it’s gunslingers, witches, or something more alien, you can build your squad with skills and improve them with the Deck of Haunts. Give them a big iron, nice trinkets, a can of beans, and some whiskey to keep them going.

Hard West 2 offers tactical gameplay in a weirder, wilder west.

Netherlands-based Good Shepherd Entertainment is an indie game publisher with a robust global footprint. They’ve partnered with numerous writers, musicians, and IP powerhouses. Their portfolio includes John Wick: Hex as well as Monster Train, Phantom Doctrine, Transport Fever, and previous game Hard West.

Ice Code Games works out of Warsaw, Poland. It has developed and published games in a variety of genres, including a cyberpunk RTS game starring cults. The studio recently entered the Polish stock market and is currently working on several tools for game developers. The veteran team has experience ranging from indie releases to AAA launches.