Switch Version Of Pencil-Drawn Horror Game MUNDAUN Delayed To April

We recently reported that the beautiful pencil-drawn horror game Mundaun would be released on most systems on March 16, and we’ve now learned that the Nintendo Switch version will be released a little later, at some point in April. Switch owners will probably not be happy about needing to wait an extra month to experience Mundaun, but sole developer Michel Ziegler was quoted as saying that he needed a few extra weeks to perfect the Switch version of the game, so it sounds like the delay will definitely be worth it.

Ziegler operates the one-person studio Hidden Fields, and he has been working on Mundaun for a number of years. The game’s plot takes place deep within the Alps, with a man named Curdin investigating his grandfather’s death and uncovering terrible secrets within the small town he uncovers. The story itself sounds creepy enough, and combined with the stunning pencil-drawn visuals, it’s safe to say that Mundaun will be a deeply immersive and unsettling experience for players to enjoy.

To learn more about Mundaun, you can head over to the game’s official website and its Steam page. Publisher MWM Interactive also uploaded a creepy behind the scenes video to their YouTube channel, in which Ziegler investigates the real Mundaun Hotel in the middle of the night.

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