Dead Static Drive Is Grand Theft Cthulhu (And Tremors)

Rarely does a developer so succinctly summarize their game. That whole “Grand Theft Cthulhu” line? I didn’t make it up. It says so on the YouTube page for the trailer above. “Dead Static Drive is Grand Theft Cthulhu.” Well, pack it in boys. Guess the job is already done.

If you need some journalistic flair (which is of course why you’re checking the news section of a genre video game site), my hot take is that Dead Static Drive also looks like tremors. It’s set in A) a desert, with B) giant monsters that pop out of the sand, that C) kind of look like angry dongs. Whew, really got my A-game on today folks!

So how does Dead Static Drive play? Well, from what I can gather from the Steam store page and the game’s website, it’s a tale of friendship and survival at the end of the world. Traveling along Route 666, it’s up to you to “sneak, scavenge, fight, befriend, barricade, and bunker-in.” Or you can just steal a car and drive away. According to the developer Funclub, there is no escape. There’s only what you choose to do with your limited remaining time.

There’s no concrete release date for Dead Static Drive. The Steam page says 2020, but the press kit says “TBD ?.” The press kit also implies the game will be on Steam and the Xbox Game Pass, so chances are we will see some kind of console release. If you want to wishlist Dead Static Drive, click the link here to check out the Steam store page.

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