Get A Look At PS5 Cosmic Horror With Quantum Error

With the PS5 slated to release by the end of this year, questions abound of what titles we’ll be able to play at launch. Hell, just what kind of games we will be getting in general. What kind of advancements are we expecting to see, are they pushing a new gimmick, etc. While details are sure to be coming in the coming months, we do have our first glimpse of one new game slated to come to the PS5. And it’s a horror game! Check out the trailer above for Quantum Error.

So, what is Quantum Error? It’s a game about firefighters blasting hell zombies in space… I think? There isn’t a lot of detail to go off of for this one. In the trailer, we see a guy who appears to be dressed as a firefighter. Unlike most firefighters, he also has a shotgun. Maybe firefighting just got way more literal in the future. As the trailer goes on, we get to see not-a-Headcrab scuttle across the floor. Then there are zombies. A voice-over also tells us the key to our salvation comes not from the heavens, but from down below. Make of it what you will.

Details be damned, I’m excited. It’s cool to see that one of the first announced PS5 titles is a true horror game. Quantum Error bills itself as a “cosmic-horror first-person shooter,” so expect some spooky space magic and decaying sanity. It’s brought to us by TeamKill Media, who are known for their recent fantasy horror game Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris. If you want to learn more about Quantum Error, you can always try periodically checking their website here. And if you want to try their previous title, you can find it on Steam by clicking here.

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