The Fold: Ingression Drops First Gameplay Trailer

The Fold: Ingression is an upcoming thriller developed by Norwegian Developer Audvyr Studio. 1C Entertainment announced its partnership with Audvyr Studio today to publish it on PC later this year. Find it on Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store, and other digital storefronts late 2022. Don’t forget to check out the trailer, which has come a long way since its announcement in July 2020.

Drawing on Norwegian legends and folklore, The Fold: Ingression boasts a creepy, unsettling atmosphere and planety of danger. Starting with a mysterious church, things quickly get out of control as you begin to bump up against the boundaries of the mortal world. Your body and mind will start to twist with each disturbing secret you discover. Will these changes grant you strength, or will you break under the pressure?

Amund Vreim begins his new job as a temp exterminator with clearing out the Elkherad stave church in Telemark. What was supposed to be a simple, relaxing assignment becomes a journey into the uncanny and maddening. Whether he maintains his wits and can protect our world from the forces beyond is up to you.

The Fold: Ingression Screenshot Cave Cabin
Check out the eerily-beautiful landscape when it drops this Q4.

“After many tough years developing alone, what started out as a fun little project, The Fold: Ingression now finally feels like a fleshed-out world. Of course, there is still a lot of work ahead, but I believe I’ve managed to incorporate Scandinavian history and dark legends, which always fascinated me, into the game in a unique way. I drew my inspiration from the culture-rich county that I’m from, Þilamǫrk (Telemark),”

Stian Willums, Creative Director, Audvyr Studio

1C Entertainment is an international group working out of Warsaw, Gdansk, Prague, Budapest, and Moscow. The publisher aids in game production, distribution, and other services for developers, releasing games on various platforms through its global network of partners. The studio has launched over 100 game titles to date, earning critical acclaim with titles such as King’s Bounty and Forgive Me Father.

Audvyr Studio is a Norwegian studio founded in 2018. Stian Willums, art director on Through the Woods is the sole developer and team member. Willums seeks to create games with dark, unsettling Nordic themes with original stories and immersive gameplay.