Get Killing Floor 2 (And More!) Free On EGS This Week

As part of their debut on the Epic Games Store, Tripwire Interactive has announced that Killing Floor 2 will be available for free until July 16th. All you need to receive your free copy is to sign in on your Epic Games account.  In addition to Killing Floor 2, EGS is also giving away Lifeless Planet and  The Escapist 2. And next week, the Diablo style ARPG Torchlight 2 will be free as well.

The biggest title of course is Killing Floor 2. One of Tripwire’s most popular games, Killing Floor is based on a mod for Unreal Tournament. In it you play as one of several delightfully British survivors of a mutant apocalypse. Horzine Biotech had been working on creating some kind of clone army of super soldiers, when the creatures overran the underground labs and emerged into the streets of London. With endless waves of zombies and mutants closing in, only through teamwork will you be able to make it our alive

Multiplayer is important in Killing Floor, and Tripwire has another cool announcement for Killing Floor 2. They must have moved heaven and earth for this because there is now cross-platform play between Steam and EGS. Like Cyrus bringing the gangs together in The Warriors, now you can play Killing Floor with your friends no matter what PC platform they prefer. 

Claim your copy of Killing Floor 2 now by clicking here. And for more information about the game, you can visit Tripwire Interactive’s website by clicking here. 

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