No Place for Bravery, Sekiro-Inspired ARPG, Launching September

No Place for Bravery, a story-driven ARPG taking inspiration from Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice, will launch on September 22. Glitch Factory and Ysbryd Games made the announcement earlier today, and you’ll be able to get it for yourself on the Nintendo Switch and PCs (via Steam). A trailer accompanied the release date announcement earlier today.

Taking place on Dewr, a world of beautiful ruins that hide violent survivors within their shadows. Thorn, a retired soldier, lays down his arms and takes up tavern-keeping instead. One day, while pondering the senselessness of war, Thorn receives word that his long lost daughter, Leaf, has reappeared. Thorn takes up his weapons again to rescue her, making the leap from soldier to hero.

With sword and shield in tow, react quickly to enemy attacks and capitalize on their openings. Avoid archers while you thin out the melee fighters in your way. Above all, protect Thorn’s foster son, Phid, a tagalong on the adventure to rescue Leaf. Collect new weapons and items to turn the tide of battle as you explore the low-fantasy world of Dewr.

No Place for Bravery Phid Thorn Exploring Ruins
Phid and Thorn explore amid carnage in No Place for Bravery.

“The fantastical spaces of video games allow us to explore important questions about our real-life roles and responsibilities. In the exaggerated fantasy of Dewr, we can test Thorn’s role as a father against extreme conditions you can’t replicate in the real world. At those extremes, No Place for Bravery ponders the difference between a rescue mission and a vengeful crusade.”

Matheus Queiroz, Developer, Glitch Factory

Glitch Factory Games works out of Brazil. Founded in 2012, the founders have always dreamed of working on games, and started their own company to create opportunities. The company operates with a horizontal structure, lending each employee a voice in decision-making.

Ysbryd Games publishes games with stories made with heart and soul, games which stay with players for a lifetime. Their portfolio’s games boast both intriguing gameplay and distinct aesthetics.