Cosmic Horror FPS Quantum Error Turns A Firefighter Into A Nightmarefighter

A general rule of thumb, if a game takes place in space and is about controlling something called “The Artifact,” it’s safe to assume things are going to go extremely not well. Quantum Error, which just dropped a new trailer during Gamescom 2020, seems to be just about that. A first-person horror game that largely takes place in space, where you seem to face innumerable space zombies. 

In the new Quantum Error story trailer, the narrator is explaining how this artifact will make things better for everyone. It’s very much refuted by the violence seen in the video. Grotesque undead, big and small, of all shapes and sizes, seem intent on tearing you apart. In an almost Dead Space fashion, some of the zombies are amalgamations of several people, as well as gargantuan, armored hulks. 

There’s not all too much story to be drawn from the trailer. But the Quantum Error website fills in a few more details. You play as Captain Jacob Thomas, a fireman who is sent to help save people from a burning research facility on an island. Travelling by helicopter, you arrive on the island and get to work. Something happens, and now Capt. Thomas is in the cosmos, fighting for his life. But hey, not all is bad. You get to bring a fire axe into space. 

Quantum Error will be a Playstation exclusive, available only on the PS4 and PS5. There’s no release date yet, but you can keep up with any news by following them on Twitter here.

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