Nightingale Early Access Portal

Nightingale Debuts Steam, EGS Pages Before Q4 Release

Nightingale is an upcoming gaslamp fantasy PvE survival crafter with a dark fae aesthetic. As of today, you can Wishlist the game on Steam or the Epic Games Store. It recently entered Early Access after its announcement at the Game Awards last year, and plans to release the game late this year. Much is subject to change due to its Early Access nature.

You and your friends will become Realmwalkers, brave explorers who have become stranded from our world. The arcane portal network has failed, and now you must fend for yourselves in a beautifully-dangerous realm full of Fae. Hone your Realmwalking skills and work the web of portals to find Nightingale, a magical city and possibly the last hope for humanity.

Nightingale Base Building Early Access

Whether its Fae forests, swamps, deserts, or jungles, you’ll unlock various portals that lead you deeper into the lands of the Fae and, hopefully, closer to your goal. Keep yourself fed, build shelters to stay safe, and conquer adversity with your will to survive. Create your own glorious estate or humble abode with various styles and tilesets. Customize t hem to your liking, and build a thriving community of other travelers. If you’re going at it alone or just want the extra help you can recruit NPC workers to thrive in the Faewilds.

Nightingale expects a Q4 2022 release and is currently in Early Access. Interested players can sign up for beta testing on the official site. Don’t forget to check out the announcement trailer on the official YouTube channel, either.

Nightingale is the first product developed and published by Inflexion Games. They believe in creating game experiences with “fantastical spaces and meaningful places.” It places an emphasis on player-first design philosophy. Inflexion Games works out of the city of Edmonton, located in Alberta, Canada.