Ultra-Indie Daily Dose: Always Watching Is Of A Genre Called Edgar Allen Woah

Hello, you glorious gluttons for all things indie horror! Are you just starving for the newest of the new, the most unknownest of the unknown? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the Ultra-Indie Daily Dose! In this series, we’re going to pick a new game every day from an indie horror creator you’ve probably never heard of. No million-dollar budgets or factory productions. This is the space for the little guy with not but a developer toolkit and a dream. So if you’re down to roll the dice on something different, then stick around and check it out!

Welcome back friends, glad you remembered to take your Daily Dose of indie horror! I’d almost forgotten myself, with all the hubbub from Gamescom. Leave those flashy games behind, I say. What we want is the raw stuff. And today we get some extra chunky indie horror, Always Watching.

This is a quick little game by itch.io dev AndideBob. Looking almost like a first-person mix between Tron (1982) and an Airdorf game, Always Watching has you playing a janitor after the last day of school. Tasked with cleaning up the rooms and locking the doors for the summer, things quickly turn from the day before vacation into an Edgar Allen Poe story. When you play it, you’ll know the one. No, not the one with the cask. The other one.

Other horror devs, take note. There are a hundred thousand perfectly good horror stories that could use a modern indie update. No need to reinvent the wheel. Anyways, Always Watching is available for free on itch.io, here. And for more updates and future projects, be sure to follow AndideBob on twitter by clicking here.

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