Civ 6 Allows a Literal Death Cult to Lead, Just Like Real Life

Civilization 6 is getting a DLC pack that adds a new ancient civilization to the mix. Really ancient. So ancient its roots predate all of known history, perhaps even the universe as we know it. Firaxis is adding a faction known as the Voidsingers to their game, a Lovecraft-inspired secret society that worships elder gods.

This Civilization 6 expansion comes with their upcoming Ethiopia Pack. Obviously the DLC will have the Ethiopia civilization for you to play as, but you can expect a number of new features and game modes. One of them is called Secret Societies. In it you get the option of new benefits and buffs through invitations to these secret organizations. This comes soon after the release of their Apocalypse game mode, inspired by Battle Royale style games.

There are four new Secret Societies in Civilization 6: Ethiopia. The first is, of course, the Voidslingers. These nihilistic elder god worshiping cultists give you a massive faith bonus and Cultists, a unique unit that can lower the loyalty of enemy cities by driving their citizens insane. Next is the Owls of Minerva. These powerful members of the elite exert their influence through economic means. This does something with money, obviously. Next up is the Hermetic Order, which allows you to see leylines on the map that grant various bonuses. And finally, the Sanguine Pack, who are vampires. They offer units that are reduced to one HP instead of killed.

For more information about Civilization 6, you can check out their Steam page here. And for the Ethiopia Pack, part of t he Frontier pass, click here.

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