Godfall Gameplay Video Shows Off Next-Gen Melee Action

Godfall released a new video demonstrating the gameplay mechanics. As the narrator describes, Godfall is a “looter slasher,” as opposed to Gearbox’s other well known looter shooter (which I suppose makes Godfall “Sworderlands”). This video gives us a good description of the various weapon styles. Sword and board, warhammer, dual blades, and more, these weapon classes can apparently be modified to some degree. 

In Godfall you play as a Valorian knight. These knights are superhuman warriors who are able to equip something called “Valorplates,” legendary armor that gives the wearer incredible powers. The video also gives some background as to the greater lore of this high fantasy universe, describing an Avatar: The Last Airbender style world of kingdoms themed after different elements. 

You can read a more thorough breakdown of the Godfall combat in this Sony Blog post here. Godfall will be arriving sometime late 2020, and will be available on the PS5, and PC.

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