Godfall By Gearbox Is Basically Sworderlands 3

Debuting their first PS5 game, Gearbox has announced its latest title, Godfall. Created by Counterplay Games, best known for their 2018 title Duelyst, the premise of Godfall seems to follow the Borderlands style of co-op looting. Though instead of being a first-person looter-shooter, it’s a third-person looter-slasher. 

Godfall has you in the role of the last of the Valorian Knights in the high-fantasy world of Aperion. These warriors exhibit god-like powers, amplified by their “Valorplates.” These are “armor sets that transform wielders into unstoppable masters of melee combat.” The knights will need to fight through “elemental realms” in order to kill the Macros, a mad-god. 

Godfall is Borderlands will melee. Very very fast melee. In addition to the five unique weapon styles, Godfall has the Valorplates which appear to give new combat abilities. It will be interesting to see if these are set-specific, or if you can mix and match, giving your character Devil May Cry style combos. In any case, Godfall states that the mechanics are “a fresh take on third-person action combat by rewarding skill-based offensive gameplay and making every hit matter.”

Godfall was announced for PS5, but will also be available on PC. For more information, you can check out the Godfall website by clicking here.

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