Hood: Outlaws & Legends Is Payday: Tithe Heist

This week Sony premiered a new multiplayer IP during the State of Play. Created by studio Sumo Digital, best known for the surprisingly great Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, this latest title is a mix of Payday 2 and Assassin’s Creed. The game is called Hood: Outlaws & Legends, and is a “PvPvE” game, where two teams of thieves simultaneously perform heists on the same vault of gold. 

The premise for Hood: Outlaws & Legends is basically the same as Robin Hood. There’s a state that taxes and brutalizes its people. You play as an outlaw (or perhaps even a legend?), a member of a gang who works to fight back against the unjust law. Sneaking and striking through corrupt guards to take back the hard earned wealth of the helpless, either to give it back or keep it for yourself. 

Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be arriving sometime in 2021. For more information, you can read the Sumo Digital announcement here

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