Paradise Lost Cinematic Trailer Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

Paradise Lost released a new cinematic trailer for Gamescom 2020. This may have been one of those camera/diorama videos, but it still gives us a little more context as to the setting of this post-apocalyptic game. Mostly, of course, the apocalypse part. The Fallout-style vault seems to be where the end began. The trailer features a deranged Nazi officer giddily pressing the big red button, much to the horror of everyone else in the room. Outside, well. You know the deal.

This trailer is the prequel, of course. Paradise Lost takes who knows how much later, during the nuclear winter that followed. In this game you play as protagonist Szymon, a 12 year old child and survivor of the nuclear armageddon. Stumbling across this same bunker, the story of what happened in this mysterious retrofuturistic fortress begins. 

Paradise Lost will be arriving sometime this year, and will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. For more information, check out their website by clicking here.

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