Fallen London Prequel Game Mask of the Rose Has You Stealing Hearts

No matter what situation the world is in, love is always important. Even if London manages to get stolen by bats, or some other absurd event. In Mask of the Rose, it gets stolen by bats and you get your heart stolen by someone else.

Set in the Fallen London universe, which includes games like Sunless Seas and Sunless Skies, Mask of the Rose is a romantic game. Instead of slaying monsters, you’ll be talking to citizens of London and forming relationships with them. The goal is to make a more personal story set in the Fallen London universe, instead of a massive overarching plot. Also you’ll get to fall in love with someone, and that’s always a plus.

Fans of the universe will likely be excited to know that the game is set in the year 1862, which is the earliest point in the series yet. Failbetter Games promises that Mask of the Rose will be showing events that have yet to be seen in the universe. It also promises to show “the origins of beloved characters,” something that should certainly be interesting to watch.

While it currently does not have a release date, Mask of the Rose will be hitting Kickstarter on February 8th, 2021.

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