Undying Early Access on Steam, EGS Next Week

Undying Early Access comes to Steam and the Epic Games Store next week, according to Skystone Games and Vanimals. Starting October 19, players take control of Anling, a mother trapped in a zombie apocalypse with her son, Cody. It will also come to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and iOS devices on the full release.

Bitten by a zombie, Anling’s time is limited. She resolves to get Cody to safety and teach him how to survive on his own when she inevitably turns. By doing things near Cody, such as cooking, crafting, and fighting, he will learn how to take better care of himself. As each day passes, however, Anling’s infection worsens. Debuffs will impair Anling’s abilities, but as she zombifies she will gain new skills as well. In a blend of survival gameplay and narrative fiction, Anling and Cody will grow closer even as circumstances tragically tear them apart.

As Cody learns, either through Anling’s direct guidance or watchful eye, he will become more and more capable. At his core, he is still a ten-year-old boy who is very afraid of losing his mother. There are deeper themes at play, as well. His mother’s name, Anling, is rather uncommon. Given its appropriateness to her impending zombification, it’s likely derived from the Mandarin words for “safety,” (ān, 安) and tomb (líng, 陵). Chew on that while you check out the trailer. There’s still time to try out the Undying Early Access demo, too, if you want to play it for yourself.

Undying Anling Combat
Other survivors are willing to lend a hand when a kid’s life is on the line.

Founded by industry veterans in 2017, Vanimals employs people with backgrounds working at Glu, Gameloft, and MMO industry leaders. Their first title was Eternity Warriors VR, an award-winning action and graphic showcase. Undying, a survival game with a deep emotional narrative, is their second game.

Bill Wang (Perfect World, Giant) and David Brevik (Diablo) founded Skystone Games, a publisher with a penchant for rich new experiences. Undying is one of the studio’s first five publications. The other four include Boundary, The Last Friend, Underworld Dreams, and Spacelines from the Far Out, with each launching on various assorted platforms.