Reverse Horror Game CARRION Gets Sneak Peek Demo On Steam

You should play Carrion. It’s a game where you get to be a fleshy tentacle monster sliding about devouring people. Like a Katamari of gore, each pound of flesh (with extra blood) you tithe grows your mass and powers. You then use your capabilities to devour even more flesh, like how man invented rocks so we could suck the delectable flesh from the claws of crabs. No word yet if the final stage is processed industrial farms for human meat. Science has gone too far.

“Ah fuck yeah, people are so damn tasty.” -FleshBeast

What’s that? You’re some kind of loser who doesn’t like eating people? Well, Carrion does have some cool puzzles, too. But you will have to eat a lot of people to solve them. So you best get used to it.

“Swiggity Swooty, I’m gonna eat your booty.” -FleshBeast

“But wait, Ted. Carrion doesn’t come out until 2020. How can I wait that long?” Well, surprise, nerds. You can eat people RIGHT NOW. As a Halloween Special, Carrion has released a demo that lets you see the first little bit of the game.

“Free Demos, so hot right now!” -FleshBeast

Just think: right now, instead of reading this article, you can click the link and head over to the steam page and download the Carrion Sneak Peak for free. So what are you waiting for? Get over there right now and eat some humans!

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